Tips for Writing Attention Grabbing Articles


The words will either grab or lose the reader’s attention. Are you wondering what words are talking about? They are titles. A title is the most critical part of an article. Even though you would want to generate clicks when choosing titles, it has to make sense. Before reading an article, a reader wants to know what new information is provided and how it will improve their writing. To come up with the boost traffic here are a few pointers.

The Title Should Provoke Reader’s Curiosity

No matter how great your information is, it is hard to convey it if the reader is not interested. You have to find ways to make them look your way. The first impression will either make or break your writing career (first impression here refers to the title of your article).
Your prospects will remain prospects unless you give them a good reason to remain loyal to your content. The brain, being a unique organ, focuses on the specific information you provide. Moreover, it can’t pay attention to every detail, it is selective. Therefore, be clear and straight to the point when choosing titles You need to clear obstacles to gain your prospect’s confidence. These are:
• The availability of similar products, services, and information. It is hard to convince them with an influx of related information available in the market • Increasingly better competitors–Your writing should stand out and have what your competitors don’t
• The various methods of distribution–With numerous ways to access information it is rather difficult to be seen •The reader’s desire for satisfaction –The article should help to solve directly or indirectly the reader’s needs and desires by providing relevant information These are some of the things you have to overcome when seeking the reader’s attention. However, you don’t need to despair because we have remedies to counter these obstacles. These are:
• Help your readers perceive what you perceive – Usually, when writing, writers assume that the reader already knows what you are talking about. There is a danger of focusing on yourself rather than the reader when relaying information about your business. People will not pay attention unless they perceive what you perceive. Therefore, be crystal clear to let them see what you see. This is done through description, personal experience, storytelling, case histories, and anything that will help your prospects understand you better
• Personalize the message –personalizing your information makes it important. This creates awareness to your prospects since they find the information meaningful to them. For instance, you don’t need a lot of words to tell anyone his house is on fire because it is personal to him. Just scream “your house is on fire” and immediately it will grab his attention
• Employ emotions – Any kind of emotion can move anyone. It is a great way of portraying clarity in your message while personalizing it. Emotions don’t only affect the prospect, but also give them a reason spread the word about your venture. Emotions always surpass reason, and hence, can trigger circuits in the brain that activate behavior and decision

Don’t Take Chances

With only a few seconds to impress, don’t waste them by using cocky, cute, or clever words. Avoid using inside jokes and jargon that the reader may not be conversant with because it will only confuse your prospects and confusion is nowhere near attention.


Maintain Momentum

Capturing the reader’s attention and maintaining the tempo are different things. You need to keep the conversation flow. You can’t start at a high and then drop like a rock. You need to follow up with another punch to drop them down flat. Make sure that the immediate message complements the first and is worthwhile. If the information is valuable, you have created a path to future conversations. If it isn’t, then it will be hard to grab attention next time since the brain has already registered your information under “not worth looking into.”

Don’t Sell; Instead, Solve Problems

When choosing a title, focus on solving the reader’s problem and not your marketing problems. The article should solve the reader’s needs directly or indirectly. This works since most high-ranking articles on Google are based on solving a specific problem.

Have Several Good Ideas

When you write articles, develop a list of great eye-catching titles. Don’t be afraid to play around with words so long because it drives the point home. Have a list of about 20 titles, ruling them down to one that stands out. Make this a common trend. The more you do this the better you become in writing great titles.

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Have a Swipe File

A swipe file is a collection of different titles that have worked well for others in the past. This will inspire you to derive wonderful titles. The file is handy when you feel stuck. These templates are especially important for newbies who have not mastered the art of writing good headlines. Once they have truly understood what works then they can take a completely original approach.

Also, you can check Newbie Mistakes made by Affiliate Marketers

Use Number

Research has shown that using numbers in titles generate 73% more social shares in the social media platforms (especially odd numbers). This is another way of making your titles existing. This is because the mind is more receptive to numbers than words. Another point is that odd numbers perform better than even numbers, that is why a lot of online articles have odd numbers to boost their ratings. Odd numbers are more trustworthy than even numbers and can help people recall information easily.

Use Positive Words

Positive superlative words in titles provoke emotions. This entices the audience and makes the title more attractive. These words include:
• Perfect
• Best
• Always
• Fastest
• Biggest
• Funniest
• Greatest
• Top
• Hottest
• Longest

Employ negative words to create fear

Fear is the strongest emotion that can cause someone to react is fear. Negative words perform 30% better than positive words. These include:
• Never
• Worst
• None
• No way
• By no means
• No one You can also use avoid, stop, or don’t in your titles to increase interest.

Final Remarks

To have the best content, you have to realize that a title is an essential part of an article. It is like a door that should wide open and welcoming. If it is shut, you risk losing prospects. Besides grabbing attention, its primary focus should remain delivering values. Focus always to provide your audience with new information to educate.


InMotion Review: WordPress Hosting Packages


As far as I know, finding a great web hosting service that is all-around perfect and offers flawless services is a daunting task. Many of these hosting services have their strengths and weaknesses. InMotion has over 15 years of hosting experience and they know exactly what you are looking for in website hosting. Their brand is based on the technical aspect of hosting including business-oriented websites. InMotion Hosting is among the largest independent web hosting companies, which is not owned by Endurance International.

Unlike other InMotion reviews, this one will dwell on benefits that you will experience using this service. Read through for more insight into this web hosting. Any hosting company is good, depending on your needs and preferences. While you focus on speed, another client would want focus on service delivery as a major requirement. Whatever your choice, ensure that is based on your requirements.

Benefits of InMotion Hosting

As I mentioned earlier, InMotion has over a decade and a half of web hosting experience. This fact gives them an edge in service delivery. They have several benefits that are quite helpful to their users. Here are some of them:

InMotion Performance

The aim of any website host is to store safely discharge your information to your visitors anytime they inquire about them. This process needs to be up to speed. This boils down to the website’s performance. But how do you measure a speed of a hosting service provider? There are many ways to ascertain the good speed of a given web hosting. There are also variables you can use to check your web hosting speed. One of the best and the cheapest way observe how long it takes for the server to respond after a request has been made by the visitor or Time to First Byte (TTFB). This is because everything else is highly influenced by how your website is configured. If you monitor this for some time, you will find out that InMotion usually trends above average among other hosts. A web host that runs consistently above average TTFB speeds, can work with all other speed factors. Another reason for their great performance is that its shared hosting doesn’t overbook servers like another shared hosting, allowing servers with some caching to handle traffic spikes if necessary. InMotion Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime making it reliable.

Get Started Now

InMotion control panel

A good hosting makes it easy for newbies to maneuver around the panel and also allows frequent users to tweak things around. InMotion does this seamlessly using cPanel as a backend and Softaculous as the one-click install. Being an open source, there are tutorials everywhere and basic in a professional way. InMotion has recently put cPanel access directly on your account management dashboard. This ensures that you don’t have a separate login for billing/domains and your cPanel. The one-click installer is also placed on your account dashboard. Another good thing with the single Account Management Panel is the availability of in-house upgrade options. If your site grows and you require a developer-oriented solution like Managed Hosting, Virtual Private Server, or a Dedicated Server, InMotion Hosting has all these options making your upgrades seamless.

InMotion Guarantees

InMotion Hosting offers a money-back guarantee if in 90 days you feel they don’t meet you hosting standards. Usually, the industry standard is 30 or 45 days money-back guarantee. July 2017 saw InMotion Hosting roll out free Comodo SSL certificates that are fully integrated with the cPanel setup, making it accessible to move to HTTPS. Your account also has a free Google Ads, free site transfer, BoldGrid, apps integration, and a free website builder.

30 or 45 days money-back guarantee

Free Data Backups

InMotion offers free data backups like all the other web hosting companies, but does it much better. Constant data backups are necessary for any shared hosting provider. InMotion makes this process paramount among its other services since data is very important for any website. The data backups are provided free if you ever need them. Compared to other hosting services that provide low-limit backups, InMotion offers generous backup limits giving you an extra safety net.

Customer support

Running a website needs different kinds of support and many hosting companies tend to overlook this issue. What is fascinating about InMotion Hosting is their superior customer service and support. This is the company’s strength and is what markets it. This is what puts them ahead of other hosting services. They have several services that are aimed to make the customer experience a breeze. These include direct phone calls, email, chat, and ticket system. All these are put in place since at some point you are bound to experience technical difficulties or need information regarding their packages. Many companies don’t look at customer service as an asset but as an added cost. This is not the case with InMotion Hosting. Compared to running a shared server, VPS has more technical issues and that is where you will definitely require customer support. The availability of various channels to forward your queries and other problems, makes InMotion Hosting your preferred choice. InMotion has numerous resources on their knowledgebase comments, and FAQ. The knowledgebase is common with other hosting services, but InMotion makes it more comprehensive. For example, the articles have threads of conversations that the user can relate to. This helps them find easy solution pertaining troubleshooting. They also have several unique user-guides that provide in-depth information within their customer support base. They rank in Google for having the most queries from internet users. InMotion support channels are responsive and can be viewed from any device. You can also Skype from anywhere on their site.

Free Support 24/7/365

InMotion WordPress Hosting Plans:

The business plan has 3 options: Launch, Power, or Pro.
1. Launch – Starting at $6.39/month
2. Power – Starting at $8.49/month
3. Pro – Starting at $14.71/month

InMotion offers a discount on every plan which starts them off at $3.99. All the plans can be used with WordPress but the WordPress specific plans have NGINX installed them to speed up the WordPress site. The prices of these WordPress hosting plans vary based on the number of websites, speed, type of support, etc.

Order Now


InMotion Hosting service is dedicated to giving its users great services. That is why a lot of manpower is invested in customer support. While other companies put less effort in customer experience, InMotion spares no dime to give you exceptional services. I recommend you try it for the first-hand experience.

Long Tail Pro Review


It’s a hustle to find the right keywords for your traffic-magnet business website. No matter how many tools claim they can help you to help you list down the right key words, there is always a major shortcoming according to my personal experience. That is until I came across LongTailPro. Before, SEOs used the term long tail problem because long tail keywords were necessary for rankings but that has changed in recent times.

In this piece, I will review the LongTailPro and why I consider it one of the best keyword research tools to use if you are looking to maximize the traffic to your site and increase income from your business.


What is a LongTailPro? What does it do, and how do I benefit, you ask? Well, briefly, software used to identify long tail keywords that are low on competition. To enjoy the full benefits of LongTailPro, you have to purchase the premium bouquet, which goes for $47 per month. You can also use the freemium or rather the trial version that is limited in features and the time you can use it. If the price is too high for your convenience, there are sites that offer LongTailPro discounts.

Features of LongTailPro
It’s not just longtail keywords that this software can dish out. It is loaded with a number of great features that make your work in creating great content easier. Here are some of the most outstanding features.

Keyword competitiveness
This is one of the most prominent features of the LongTailPro is the keyword competitive feature. This allows the user to find low competitive keywords to use to attract new traffic and higher rates on search engines. You can’t find this feature on other long tail alternatives. The example below shows results of CK.

Domain name finder :

This feature allows you to identify a domain name that is unique, but with enough keywords to be ranked highly.

Import and export feature
This feature helps you to import and export keywords from and to the LongTailPro. Many LongTailPro tutorials can help you to work this feature to your advantage.

Rank checker :
This is another feature that allows you to check the rank of your website across a number of search engines.

Project creator and manger :
It is very easy to create different projects on this tool and still find it easy to manage all of them.

Keyword filter :
This feature allows you to filter down the numerous results you are likely to receive when you search first. The LongTail keyword research tool helps you list down some of the best keywords you can use, but it’s up to you to filter it down to what is relevant to bring in traffic and best rankings.

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LongTailPro Packages
LongTailPro has many advantages, and the main one is ease of usage. If you have ever used the trial version, then the premium version is your next stop. Newbies can visit the LongTailPro version web page,

You will have the option of using the $1 trial version for 10 days. For the other plans, you can choose a monthly or annual version. With monthly, you can choose from the monthly starter plan at $37/m, monthly pro plan at $67/m, and monthly agency plan at $147/month.

The annual
subscription has the f

tarter plan at $25/m, annual pro plan at $45/m, and annual agency plan at $98/month, paid in a lump sum on an annual basis. All of these plans have their features and benefits listed on the LongTailPro website. To enjoy these LongTailPro benefits you have to go platinum.

How to use LongTailPro

This is the page you will see when you first log in. As you can see, you have to create a project first. The search engine section is for pinpointing the geographical area you want to center the keyword search. From here onwards, the workings are straightforward depending on your immediate needs.

This LongTailPro review gives you a run down on three simple ways that LongTailPro is ‘THE’ keyword research tool.

How to find the right longtail keywords for your business

You only need to type in the seed words that you want and you are done! The best thing about this is that there is no need to use many seedwords to achieve the best results. Two seed words are enough to generate a long tail keyword.

From the diagram below, you can see that you can even specify the maximum number of words for the keywords generated.

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Know the competition through the list of key words provided

Once you have the list of keywords, choose the one you find useful and you will get data on the competition through the CA (Competitor Analysis) page. Though some LongtailPro alternative provide this feature, most of them do not give details that help you out rank the competition.

Export the information

The one thing that LongTailPro offers which makes work super easy is the export/import feature. You can import seed keyword and export the results received.

In the past, a LongTailPro download was necessary to make use of this software. That option has since been removed with the introduction of the cloud version. If you happen to visit the site and have no idea how to start even with my breakdown, there are other LongTailPro tutorials you can use on YouTube and the LongTailPro website.

Closing remarks

From the review above there is no doubt on LongTailPro benefits. You can grow your business quicker by making sure that the LongTailPro is your partner. The price may be high, but you can avail trial by clicking on the link below and all you need to do is to purchase. The LongTailPro download option is not available anymore. Other LongTailPro alternatives in the market today claim to be cheaper, but they can’t deliver. Drive traffic and earn more with the use of the LongTailPro tool.

GetResponse Review: The Budget Email Marketing Tool for Bloggers


GetResponse is an email marketing plugin that provides email distribution services to website owners. Here is more information about this tool.

Price plans

GetResponse plugin prices are inclusive and accommodate different Ventures from small, medium, to large enterprises. Its price tag is $25 per month. The deal sweetens considering that GetResponse plugin does not impose any email sending limit. This is a common trend in common with email marketing services.It offers various price plan that goes down to $15 per month that lets you contact up to 1000 subscribers. The highest goes for $450 per month and allows 100,000 contacts. All plans are available on a month to month basis. You get an 18% discount for all tiers subscribed annually. If you pay in advance for two years you will get a 30% discount. GetResponse Pro plan starts at 5,000 subscribers with an unlimited webinar features, unlimited landing pages, and advanced marketing customization. There are specialized plans available too. Since GetResponse does not refund for canceled accounts, it is important to start out with the least available plan while you figure out which plan works best for you.


The email marketing plugin has introduced a Salesforce integration for customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation using webinars. The service also supports multiple users on an account if you wish to login employees or freelancers, or if you want to do email marketing for multiple clients. First, five users account will cost you $20 per month and $25 per month for additional users. They have increased free trials from 250 to 1000 contacts.


Signups are easy. You need to provide your email address and name where you will receive a GetResponse activation email. On clicking the verification link, continue registration by providing your mobile phone number where you will receive a verification code by text.

Subscriber list generation

This email marketing tool offers various ways of building a subscriber list. For those with relatively small contacts, the best way is to copy and paste email addresses. For larger lists, uploads are done for various files or you can connect to the third service such as Google, Salesforce, and Zest Support. It is not easy to find a service that allows contact importation from third parties, which makes this service stand out. Choosing to import email lists means that you will have to employ services from BriefVerify, which filters out invalid email addresses. Customers from GetResponse get a 10% discount.

Setting up campaigns

GetResponse has tools for creating campaigns. The Email Creator Tool with templates – This tool enables you to either create templates from scratch or use other available templates. You may have to refresh the available ones since many of them are outdated compared to other email marketing services. Previews of newsletters are done via desktops, browsers, email programs, and mobile devices. A spam score is given to handle emails that may be regarded as spam. The service requires all users to comply with CAN-SPAM act of 2003 and other similar legislation. You can send newsletters immediately and create schedules to be received at a later time. You can also use the Time Travel to deliver it to recipients based on their local time. With GetResponse’s Perfect Time feature, you can predict the best time to send emails to your subscribers and automatically deliver them during that time. This increases open rates by 23% and clicks rates by 20%.The user can send messages based on the subscriber’s birthday, confirmation of profile change, or other specific data collected. It can also be based on the time clicked, opened, subscribed, and goal reached. The parameters are set once you have chosen the type. If a user subscribes to your newsletter, the auto-responder can send a welcome message immediately or a follow-up email within a given time frame. You can also set the day or week when the auto-responder is active. When fully satisfied with the campaigns you can send it to all your subscribers manually or use saved searches. You can also copy or move a campaign, export and add custom fields and tags. When sending campaigns you can tag subscribers or use target contact when you are sending a campaign. GetResponse plugin allows you to send right away, use schedules or use perfect timing. When sending, a countdown will start at 60 seconds giving you time if you would wish to cancel before it reaches zero.

Campaign Tracking

All users’ campaigns are viewed on one page, which has detailed information such as received emails and how many were opened. The email marketing service has a simple tracking tool which includes Google Analytics integration. It allows you to get reports delivered to your inbox making it convenient.

Market Automation

GetResponse email marketing plugin provides an outstanding marketing automation which is based on three elements: • Condition – Start by dragging and dropping a condition workflow page, which includes “Received emails”, or “Joined a list” • Action – Next, drag-and-drop an action you want taken as a response to the condition. This includes which message to send to the contact, or what list to add the contact. • Filter – This option lets designate blocks of contacts to experience different paths of a workflow based on when they enter your list. The tool doesn’t limit the number of conditions and actions you want to add on. Filters are limited to only six for each condition.


• Easy third-party integration
• Simple email tracking
• Plenty of how-to support available


• Outdated templates
• No free plans

Quick Video Review On GetResponse By IM Licious


Overall, GetResponse is a comprehensive tool that you can work with and performs as expected. Its price is rather expensive but is compensated with the unlimited email campaigns it offers. Its customer support is provided through email as well as a 24/7 support via live chats. I hope that this GetResponse review has helped you. The plugin provides a great user experience and interaction with third parties is seamless. I suggest you try it and get its full potential.

Sendinblue Review: Is this Email Marketing App Worth It?



Sendinblue pricing comes with plans that suit any budget.

• Free plan – this plan allows you to send up to 9000 emails per month
• The macro plan which goes for $7.73 per month and allows up to 40,000 emails
• Bronze plan will cost you $39 per month for 60,000 emails
• At $66 per month, you can send 120,000 emails with the silver plan Other plans are gold, which offers 350,000 emails per month at $173, and atomic plan that allows you to send 15 million emails a month. Annual plans are also available. Signing up requires your company name, email address, and a password. The confirmation of your email address will be sent to you. Meanwhile, you can start creating a campaign, complete your profile, or importing contacts. The emails are supposed to arrive immediately but sometimes can delay for a few minutes. Besides the confirmation email, you will also receive a welcome email from the CEO of the company along with links to articles and materials to help you start.

Subscribers list

You will need to explain how you got your email address and intend to upload them as part of your profile. You also have to check a box confirming that your contacts opted in. This triggers a popup explaining CAN-SPAM act compliance.

Adding Contacts

Add contacts by importing files(CSV or TXT), add manually or copy/paste from a list. Emails and contacts that you want to be blacklisted can also be uploaded. These are contacts that have opted out for a different service. You can upload custom fields with uploads or submission forms. After file importation, you are required to map fields to Sendinblue corresponding fields. The email campaign software picks up names and addresses but not sexes or birthdays. You can decide to leave the fields as they are or create new ones with new attributes or fields. After successfully uploading the contacts, you will receive an email alert that is helpful for large lists. You can set exports to happen daily or you can do it anytime you like. The app allows you to segment users according to data collected from them, or via various automated triggers like dates entered in the system.

Powerful Marketing Tools for Everyone

Setting Up a Campaign

To create a campaign, you must first give it a name, subject line, sender email, and name. You can customize the field in advanced settings to add subscribers name, use a custom unsubscribe page for the campaign, add tags and attachments.

Getting Started

Once you have your campaigns designed, you can use the Sendinblue schedules tools to send messages automatically, anytime. The tool enables you to import all your contacts, arrange them into lists, and send messages to your customers wherever they are. There are two types of template builders. You can choose the responsive design, that adopts the size of the screen (good for mobile devices) or the HTLM. This is for those who have already designed their newsletters outside Sendinblue. They can just paste the already created codes.

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Campaign Tracking

The “my campaigns” tab gives you a comprehensive campaign report of Sendinblue. Basic campaign reports are accessed in the statistics tab in the dashboard. You can refresh the screen by pressing the “show statistics” button at the top of the statistics tab. Information on total campaign sent, recipients, opens, clicks, replies, unsubscribes and bounces are seen on the right-hand side of the screen.

Small Business Marketing Automation

The SendinBlue email marketing tool is perfect for newbies who want automated basic email sequences. Eight templates can be edited for particular tasks. The templates are Welcome message, Birthday message, Abandoned carts, Website visits, Page visits, Product purchase, and activity-based templates. There are four entry points in workflow custom: a contact that has completed emails, a basic contact file, a contact that has submitted form data, or a contact that was logged visiting your website. There are no limits to workflow customs, but your account is limited to the plan you enrolled. Online marketers can use the Sendinblue platform to monitor the e-commerce trends.

Customer support

The email marketing tool is confusing sometimes but offers an ok customer support. The help button on most pages assists you where you are stuck. You can also get tutorials and FAQs that are organized in categories. Technical support is provided via the sendinblue website or a toll-free phone call.


• Your subscribers don’t need to reconfirm their subscription when importing them.

• Service delivery is incredible. The interface checks with email service providers to find out whether your messages are ok or not.

• You can preview the messages on a different browser before sending them.

• Sendinblue integrates with WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, Magenta, Shopify, and Highrise.

• Free email marketing


• Doesn’t have A/B testing, social media publishing, drag-and-drop workflow creation, or search marketing

• It limits the number of emails you can send per month

• It is not recommended for large corporations and businesses with complex email campaigns


Despite the frequent delays the platform is trying for its size. Its developers must address this problem to enhance its performance. Apart from emails Sendinblue email campaign software allows you to reach your clients via SMS. It is a ready plug-in compared to popular e-commerce platforms for those looking to send responsive newsletters with no special requirements. Transactional emails and order confirmation are provided too, which are essential for an online marketer. Despite of a few delays, the platform is performing as expected. I trust that this SendinBlue review has given you enough insight. I highly recommend this platform for those starting out for its simplicity and a price that fits any budget.

How to generate Alternative Income while your Blog is still new


How to generate alternative income while your blog is still new is a comprehensive coverage that offers you alternative income channels before you start reaping from your blog. Read on to learn how.
For many young bloggers, there is this assumption that the Internet is a platform for people to make quick riches. Most novices assume that blogging is one of those ways of using the Net to become overnight millionaires after failing in other offline business ventures. However, the bitter truth is that there are no shortcuts to making money with a blog. If you are running a young blog and you want to monetize it, better get prepared to grow it slowly and steadily before you can make it your primary stream of income. This post is going to share with you practical ideas and insights on how to make money when your blog is brand new.
Getting the right picture in mind is the best way to keep yourself off the list of failed bloggers. As this post progresses, I am going to share with you ways on how to make money elsewhere until your blog is profitable enough to pay your bills. Keep on reading below to get some of these channels of income that will cushion while you wait for your blog to mature.

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Become a freelance writer

Another channel of income you can optimize as you wait for your blog to start earning you enough cash to live on is becoming a freelance writer. I am not saying this to over glorify my trade, no. The truth is that freelance writing pays, and you can use it not just as a primary stream of income, but also as a platform of employment to other people. I am talking out of experience because I am a full-time freelancer, and it takes care of my family and I. That is why I can’t take an employment job that pays me less than $5,000 per month!
But why is freelance writing a better option? In many ways! First, it keeps you in charge of your program since you are your own boss.

First, you can program yourself so you can have enough time to work on your young blog when you need to do so. Simply put, this avenue will give you the flexibility you need to shuttle between your job and young blog.

Second, freelance writing will develop your writing skills, the very same ones you will need to grow your blog into profitability. The reason is that no matter the quality or popularity of the products or services you will be promoting on your blog, you can’t do without quality content. Freelance writing will sharpen your skills so that you can populate your blog with excellent quality that will attract and keep your target audience engaged.

Third, it is easier to start off with freelance writing. There are many freelance writing sites out there, and you can choose to begin from there to get a firm head start. They may not pay you millions, but if you are serious, you can earn enough to meet all your basic needs and those of your dependents if you have them. Some of the sites you can begin with are Upwork and iWriter. But be sure to exit and get your direct clients who will pay you better. I worked there for two years as a beginner before I quit for greener pastures elsewhere.

Get a part-time job elsewhere

Securing a part-time job is one of the best ways of bolstering your income as you wait for your new blog to stabilize and start feeding and clothing you. I know to some of our millennial wannabes, getting a job that in the physical world may not sound “bright” enough.
But the truth is that the greatest amount of wealth being generated in this world is not online but offline. In fact, the richest guys in this world don’t deal in online-based products or services, but they use the Net as a complementary tool to their businesses. If you don’t believe what I am saying, check the list of the world’s top 10 richest people and see what they deal in.

Parting Shot

Just like any business, you need to be patient before you can turn your new blog into a primary channel of income. This article has given you practical channels of how to make money with a blog for beginners. Since you now know how to make money when your blog is brand new, you will not join the list of failures who jumped the gun and ended up frustrated.

How to make Money with Paid Surveys


Can you make money online doing paid surveys? This article answers all your questions.

The online platform is filled with numerous money-making opportunities you can bank on to get some cash. Money Paid surveys are some of the best ways, if not the best way, to make money online. Don’t get it wrong; there is no way you can be a millionaire using this method. It’s even more difficult trying to make a living exclusively from this method, so, do not quit your day job yet. In reality, taking paid surveys can earn you some extra cash to help with some expenses there might be. However, it doesn’t go all the way to solve your financial problems. That said, you can make money online doing paid surveys just as long as you know what surveys are and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

What are paid surveys?

Paid surveys mean being paid to give your opinion about a certain product and/ or service. It just a way companies have come up with to know how their products are performing and if there are some improvements that can be made. All you have to do is simply research on companies that actually pay. There are scammers all over the internet promising to show you how to make money via company so and so and at the end of it all, you receive nothing.

What are your options?

  1. If you are willing to make time, you can earn by signing up for several surveys at the same time. All you have to do is to follow the sign-in steps and wait for them to approve your membership. It’s easy to learn how to make money with surveys as long as you follow these simple tips.

Specialize in what you think you will be comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with the niche you are surveyed for, then you cannot answer the questions as you should and your opinion will be way off target.


Sign up for different surveys from various companies. A single survey does not pay as much, and if you focus on that one survey, you will end up giving up on one of the best ways to make money online.


Pay attention while signing in to different surveys. At the end of the day, it’s you being paid that matters. Some companies just don’t value time as they should. They may pay you less for taking 30 minutes to an hour of your time. Look for surveys that pay well according to the length of the survey.

Do not give false information when you are filling information about yourself or when you are working on the survey. At the end of the day, it’s your honest opinion that counts whether it is negative or positive. So, answer the questions as honestly as you can and build a rapport with your surveyors.

Since you will be dealing with numerous surveys at one single moment, it is advisable to open a new Email account so it can be easy to track the surveys being sent to you. If you receive a huge number of emails in your primary email and you add the survey, you will not be able to deal with the surveys as they come.

An up-to-date profile doesn’t hurt. In fact, you should always add new things to your profile to widen the scope of the survey you receive. If you just started working, you are newlywed, or there is any other important happening in your life, that may be a reason to learn how to make money with surveys.

There are many posts online that teach you tips on the best way to make money with surveys, and they have a list of the most trusted companies that pay well to have you take their surveys. Do your research and you will find the companies you will be more comfortable to take surveys from.

I’ve said it before and I will emphasize again: online and surveys are not meant to be your main source of income. In your quest to learn how to make money with surveys, you should have this at the back of your mind. On the contrary, paid surveys are merely complementary to your regular job.


Parting shot

Though paid survey is not on top of the list when you really want to make some serious money online, it helps to cater to some of the bills you have to deal with. The question how much money can you make blogging? is common. The answer is more complicated than simply spending a few minutes with surveys. So, start investing some of your time trying paid surveys and start earning some extra cash.